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As we edge closer to the official start of the school year, we imagine that parents and guardians are rummaging through their filing cabinets trying to find those pesky stationery lists.

Items such as pencils, exercise books and flip files are expected. But there are a few things on the list that left Carl Wastie feeling curious. Yellow highlighters for instance... Why not pink or a green one?

The Flash Drive's Carl Wastie and Zoe Brown interrogate unusual school stationery needs and learn about some of the reasons for said items.

Some of which are downright hilarious.

Listen to the conversation below!

Drive home with Carl Wastie, and beat away the boredom with his energetic brand of humour and witty banter.

He’s got the best mix of music and entertainment to make your drive home worthwhile, while Zoe Brown has all the updates to keep your traffic blues at bay.

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