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Reporters from Business Insider SA went to Checkers, Shoprite, Pick n Pay, CNA and Makro with a shopping list to find out which retailer has the most affordable stationery..

Their basket of goods included pencils, glue, pocket files, crayons, office paper and pens.

Total basket:

  • Checkers: R183.94 (+5.2% more than last year)

  • Shoprite: R183.94 (+5.2% more than last year)

  • Pick n Pay: R194.45 (+0.9% more than last year)

  • CNA: R207.89 (-0.3% less than last year)

  • Makro: R213.27 (+7.8% more than last year)

Click here to drill down into more detail.

Kieno Kammies interviewed Business Insider SA Editor Helena Wasserman about the findings.

We did it last year as well… On average, the price hikes were 5%... CNA’s prices actually came down… a rise of more than 5% at Checkers and Shoprite, but their baskets were still the cheapest overall… According to us, Shoprite and Checkers have the best deals… definitely…

Helena Wasserman, Editor - Business Insider SA

Listen to the interview in the audio below.

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Shoprite and Checkers have the cheapest school stationery in SA – research

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