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A Word On... Veganism is a three-part podcast published by Life Podcasts, produced and presented by Vegan, Andy Leve. Over three episodes, the podcast debunks, dispels and discusses all things related to the vegan way of life.

Those looking to review their lifestyles in the new decade can expect to get a sense of the important dietary aspects to consider when reducing meat consumption in the hopes of inevitably cutting it out completely.

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Does the new decade call for a new diet? Veganism might not only be better for you but, the planet too!

As the plant-based diet becomes increasingly visible, more questions relating to it come to the fore and ironically, in an age of information overload, a lot of uncertainty, untruths, myths and ill-considered opinions can show up as fact.

In this podcast series, Andy Leve takes a look at the detrimental impact that the animal agriculture industry has on the environment, prevention of the suffering of animals and, the improvement of the health of millions of people around the world.

Episode 1: Understanding it for you

Going meat-free for a day or two is very different from removing all meat from your diet. In the first episode, Andy Leve discusses the nutritional aspects to consider before making a lifestyle switch. Dietician Lila Bruk and endocrinologist Dr Brad Merwitz correct some myths relating to different diets.

The key when it comes to protein from a vegan point of view is combining a vegetable protein source with a grain, so for example, chickpeas and rice or baked beans on toast. When you combine the vegetable protein with a grain, you are creating more of a complete protein.

Lila Bruk, Dietician — Lila Bruk and Associates

The diet is extremely important. The problem is that often GPs do hormone levels and the levels are normal, so people are stuck and know something's wrong but the blood tests can't pick anything up.

Dr Brad Merwitz, Endocrinologist — Netcare Milpark and Parklane Hospitals

Episode 2: Good for you, good for the planet?

For many, the desire to switch to a meat-free diet is based on the impact of animal farming on the environment which is driven by our consumption. In the second episode, Andy Leve looks at sustainability with Taryn Mansfield from The South African Vegan Society and Kevin Coetzee from Infinite Foods.

If you were going to work every day to slaughter animals, you are going to be traumatised, you're going to take that anger and that violence home.

Taryn Mansfield — The South African Vegan Society

So, if you only care about humans even, you should care about these issues because there are people involved in these industries that don't want to necessarily be there... a lot of these workers are exploited.

Taryn Mansfield — The South African Vegan Society

Episode 3: Life as a vegan

If you decide to make the switch, you will have to contend with more than just your new diet... discovering how to live like a vegan in a society that predominantly is not, is a challenge. In the third episode, Andy Leve discusses how to maintain your new lifestyle with Antonia de Luca, author, chef and restauranteur at Leafy Greens and Zachda Prinsloo, owner of The Veganist.

As the world's population is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050, a clear movement towards a vegan lifestyle is the most effective way because it will reduce pressure on our environment and may be absolutely crucial to our survival as a species.

Andy Leve — TV Producer and Radio Presenter

For me, the core of the vegan lifestyle that I was living was about health and wellness... it's what I eat 99.9% of the time.

Antonia de Luca, author, chef and restauranteur — Leafy Greens Café

Andy Leve is a TV and radio producer, radio presenter and voice over artist.

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