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Boeta Mogamat Cassiem has been selling ice cream at Cape Town's world-famous rugby and cricket stadiums in Newlands for the last 55 years.

The legendary ice cream vendor has been applauded for his service at the Newlands grounds.

A lolly to make you jolly! He's well known by stadium goers for his quirky commentary and positive energy.

Cassiem says his customers are is his number one asset and he always makes sure to approach them with a hearty greeting.

Everybody loves me here in Cape Town!

Boeta Cassiem

To make business and to sell stuff to people, you must first greet your customers. My customers are the asset of my business.

Boeta Cassiem

A sucker to make your girlfriend wakker, a wafer to make your boyfriend styfer, and a lolly to make you jolly.

Boeta Cassiem

He began selling ice cream as a teenager in the 70s and says his trade has allowed him to put his children and grandkids through school.

Boeta has thanked everyone who has supported him throughout his years of selling ice cream.

He reflects on his entrepreneurial journey, shares sage advice about work ethic and his fond memories over the years.

Listen to the lively chat on Tonight with Lester Kiewit:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Meet Boeta Cassiem, the legendary ice cream vendor who makes Newlands come alive

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