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CAPE TOWN - The City of Cape Town said that alcohol use at beaches remained a headache for authorities.

Officials said that more than 1,000 bottles of liquor were confiscated at Muizenberg Beach alone on Wednesday.

A female law enforcement officer was attacked by another woman after the officer confiscated her liquor at Strandfontein Pavillion.

The woman was arrested following the incident.

City Safety and Security Director, Richard Bosman, said that beaches were still very busy until well after 8pm on Wednesday night.

"If you're coming to the beach, please no alcohol, make sure that you know where your children are, make sure that you swim where the lifeguards are and if you are going to drive on the roads, please don't drink and drive. Our random breath test unit is out at different times and locations of the day and if you're caught, you'll spend the weekend in jail."

This article first appeared on EWN : CoCT: Alcohol use at beaches still a problem

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