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Get the tissues!

Grace is a single mother to two beautiful children, whom she hasn't seen in four years. Cape Town-based, Grace sent a heartbreaking voicenote in the hopes of being reunited with her children, who live with their aunt in Tanzania.

Grace and her aunt made an agreement that she would come to Cape Town to settle in and establish herself before going back to collect her children but, financial difficulties have prevented Grace from returning to Tanzania.

Despite her circumstances, Grace and her sister started an organisation that seeks to help refugee women and children struggling and, looking for a better life in South Africa.

"All I need is to have my kids with me... I wanted to give them the best education they can get, here with me."

A tearful Grace and her sister couldn't contain herself when the Kfm Mornings team reached out to inform her that Makro and Kfm 94.5 was bringing her children home, not just for the festive season but, for good. In addition to the flights and accommodation, Makro is also gifting her with a R20,000 voucher for Christmas presents for the whole family.


Kfm 94.5 and Makro want to help you bring your loved ones home for the holidays - because the festive season is all about family and being together.

For your chance to win, download the Makro mCard App, find the Santa Hat, then Send a voice note to 079 051 9959 and tell us who you would like to bring home. You could win prizes worth 50k, including a 30k travel voucher to bring the one you love home this holiday season. And a festive 20k Makro voucher. All thanks to Makro mCard App.

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