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South African mobile users are among the most spammed in the world, according to the Truecaller Insights report for 2019.

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Last year, Brazil overtook India as the country most affected by spam, and this year’s data shows it's still on top.

South Africa comes in at Number Two for sms spam and when it comes to spam calls we come in at sixth worst.

John Maytham spoke to Kim Fai Kok, director of communications for the company that offers the caller ID and spam blocking app.

Kok gives this simple definition for what spam actually is:

A spam call is when a person gets an unwanted call either from a person or a company that they do not wish to receive.

Kim Fai Kok, Director of communications - Truecaller

One of the biggest reasons why this is happening is that our phone is always accessible throughout the day and it's always an arm's length away from us and it's obviously the thing the spammers and the scammers take advantage of.

Kim Fai Kok, Director of communications - Truecaller

We also see a correlation with growing economies and smartphone penetration.

Kim Fai Kok, Director of communications - Truecaller

Kok differentiates between the purpose of a spam call and a spam SMS, which is usually related to the promotion of a product or service.

Scammers typically take the route of a phone call and in South Africa he says, close to 40% of spam calls are scam-related.

The "numbers game" modus operandi of scammers usually results in success - they make hundreds of calls each day and somewhere along the line someone is going to take the bait.

If they manage to get a few people to be scammed during a day, that's good enough for them.

Kim Fai Kok, Director of communications - Truecaller

Listen to the conversation on the John Maytham Show in the audio below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : SA still among top spam-plagued countries, 40% of spam calls made by scammers

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