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As the countdown continues to Christmas, parenting expert Nikki Bush reviews the best toys and games for the little ones every Saturday.

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On Weekend Breakfast with Refiloe Mpakanyane, she focuses on the age group 2-4.

This is the time when children start developing their social skills.

Up until about the age of two they're playing _next to_ each other. They acknowledge that the other child exists but they don't play _with _the other child.

Nikki Bush, Parenting expert

Bush says kids says from the age of two, it's good for kids to start spending time in play groups so that they learn to share, take turns and simply to communicate.

They're also acquiring some of the basic skills and disciplines that are going to be required once they get into the pre-school years.

Nikki Bush, Parenting expert

What parents should be looking for at this stage she says, are toys and games that develop fine motor co-ordination.

We're looking at things like play dough, sand and water play, shape and colour games, basic number games and beginner puzzles...

Nikki Bush, Parenting expert

Find specific toy and game recommendations at toytalk.co.za.

Listen to the conversation on Weekend Breakfast with Refiloe Mpakanyane:

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