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Eskom has announced that stage 2 load shedding will continue from 9am until 6am on Saturday.

The power utility implemented stage 2 load shedding on Thursday afternoon, citing a shortage of capacity.

Eskom's chief operating officer Jan Oberholzer says at least nine generating units broke down this week, including several boiler tube leaks.

According to Oberholzer, technical teams were unable to return the units overnight.

They were also unable to replenish water reserves for Eskom's pumped water storage schemes.

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It's these reasons that load shedding will continue, at least until tomorrow morning.

It was seven units [down] on Wednesday late afternoon. Early yesterday morning we lost another three units.

Jan Oberholzer, COO - Eskom

We had to use quite a lot of our water reserves and pump storage.

Jan Oberholzer, COO - Eskom

Load shedding will carry on up until 6am tomorrow so that during the night we can make sure that the water level is enough.

Jan Oberholzer, COO - Eskom

Oberholzer says he can't say exactly when load shedding will come to an end.

He does admit that there is a possibility that load shedding could continue all day on Saturday as well.

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