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The current drought in the Karoo has left thousands of South Africans with no water.

Out of desperation, Wynand moved to America to make money to financially support his wife Elizabeth, their 4-year old daughter and his parents.

He won't be home until the end of 2020, and by then Miliyana would not have seen her dad for 14 months.

Elizabeth longs to reunite her family for Christmas.

Kfm Mornings call Elizabeth to let her know that they will be spending Christmas with Wynand in America. Along with the flights and accommodation, Makro is also gifting her with a R20,000 voucher for Christmas presents for her family.

Listen to the heartwarming story - courtesy of Kfm 94.5 and Makro.

Kfm 94.5 and Makro want to help you bring your loved ones home for the holidays - because the festive season is all about family and being together.

For your chance to win, download the Makro mCard App, find the Santa Hat, then Send a voice note to 079 051 9959 and tell us who you would like to bring home. You could win prizes worth 50k, including a 30k travel voucher to bring the one you love home this holiday season. And a festive 20k Makro voucher. All thanks to Makro mCard App.

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