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JOHANNESBURG - With the biggest shopping day of the year in full swing, many shoppers have already gotten their hands on discounted goods.

Hundreds of people stood in queues for hours on Thursday night, as selected stores opened for Black Friday at midnight.

WATCH: TVs fly off shelves at midnight Black Friday sale

The queue grew longer as the clock edged towards midnight, and hundreds of people made their way to Game, among other stores, for their Black Friday deals.

Game store’s interim CEO Andrew Stein said they prepared for the day for most of the year.

“We’ve been planning since the start of the year. We’re very excited and more planned. We chose midnight because we’re famous for that and it’s what our customers expect of us.”

As the doors opened, the crowds were let in, avoiding the rush and chaos seen in previous years, with most people heading straight for the TVs.

“We want TVS, not one, but TVs,” one shopper told EWN.

The checkout process seemed to be running smoothly with many people still arriving well after 1am to join the shopping craze.

This article first appeared on EWN : ‘We want TVs!’: Black Friday shoppers up since midnight to get the best deals

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