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As part of Dis-Chem Foundation's 'Random Act of Kindness' initiative, Tracey Lange visited African Tails along with Dis-Chem Foundation representative Sherry Saltzman.

Founded in 2006, African Tails looks to curb the over-population and suffering of abused and neglected township dogs and cats.

Our founding board members were travelling through Du Noon and picked up a little puppy. And one puppy became another puppy and obviously they realized that there's a need - not always for shelters but also preventing these puppies being born. By doing that, you actually uplift the communities and make communities stronger and healthier - it curbs disease spreading and animals fighting, biting of people.

- Alma Schaap, Manager at African Tails

If a female dog is left unsterilized, the offspring in six years will lead to 67,000 puppies being born and there are just not enough homes for all these animals.

- Alma Schaap, Manager at African Tails

Funding these sterilisation campaigns is costly, with one dog - when factoring in transport, medical needs, kennels, collars, parasite control, disease management and the surgery - adds up to roughly R750 per dog. African Tails have sterilised about 2,500 dogs in 2019.

To ease the financial burden, Sherry Saltzman, a Dis-Chem Foundation Representative pledged to assist African Tails with paying their vet bills for the year to the value of R120,000.

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For more on African Tails, visit their Facebook Page.

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