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Son of a Son is a new podcast series that takes a closer look at how fatherhood makes better men. The thought-provoking series featuring well-known personalities, examines how fathers are dealing with evolving gender roles and, raising kinder, better men and strong, independent women. The six-part podcast series is hosted by father of four, Kgabo Legora. Be moved by the growing archive hosted on Life podcasts.

"There's no monetary value on your presence as a dad" — that's a lesson Kabelo Thathe learned early on in his journey to becoming a better father. Determined to create a level of openness, Kabelo insists on spending time with his daughter, playing dress-up and doing nails and, creating an atmosphere in which she is comfortable to talk to him about difficult issues that will eventually affect her as a woman.

So, how do we become better fathers, to raise better kids? It goes back to dads and the environment created by dads that contributes to shaping the child.

"The reality of the situation is, when you're approaching adulthood, you're just manifesting into what you were moulded into becoming from a young age."

In this episode, Kgabo Legora talks to Cinematographer, Kabelo Thathe talks about the lessons he has learned while raising his daughter. Listen as he discusses his belief in maintaining a level of openness with his daughter so that she is able to make the right choices later in life.

I wanted to be a different dad to what my dad was to me... I just wanted to take it to the next level.

Kabelo Thathe, Cinematographer

I don't think I can ever be like... I'm the greatest dad on the planet. But, what I can do is sort of, strive to always be better.

Kabelo Thathe, Cinematographer

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This article first appeared on 702 : "There's no monetary value on your presence as a dad"

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