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Happening electronic band GoodLuck is hitting all the right notes. A chart-topping outfit in South Africa, it's also growing its international profile.

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Singer/songwriter Juliet 'Jules' Harding is an integral part of the group's success and CapeTalk's Kieno Kammies decided to find out just what her formative influences were.

Joining him in studio, Mom and Dad Harding describe their reaction when their talented daughter decided to leave a well-paying job to follow her passion.

I said, whoa but who's going to fund it but she went for it... Initially it was a big battle because the (group's) gigs weren't that frequent and the money wasn't that good... Then they decided to go the electronic music route and from there things went well.

Nick Harding, Juliet Harding's father

I'm much more relaxed about her choice of career now than I was then.

Nick Harding, Juliet Harding's father

Mom Marcelle was also initially taken aback when Juliet actually followed parental advice about being passionate about what she'd do one day.

When she said she wanted to do music I thought, well, perhaps she shouldn't be passionate about that!

Marcell Harding, Juliet Harding's mother

Watch the interview below, where the couple reminisce about recording a four-year-old Juliet's first song:

Parents of Goodluck lead, Juliet Harding

"Perhaps she shouldn't be passionate about that!" - Jules Harding's parents look back at their reaction when she first wanted to be a musician.

Posted by CapeTalk on Thursday, 14 November 2019

Listen to the audio version of the studio interview here:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : [WATCH] Parents remember recording 'GoodLuck' Jules' first song at age of four

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