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CAPE TOWN – South Africans have managed to track down the couple whose proposal video went viral overnight.

The video shows a young man proposing to his girlfriend inside a KFC.

The fast-food giant shared the video on social media and asked South Africans to help find the couple. The video received more than 600,000 views by Friday afternoon.

In a post on social media, KFC thanked South Africans for their help.

“South Africa, you guys are amazing! We’ve found the beautiful couple, and it looks like we’re having a Streetwise Wedding,” the post read.

Many South Africans offered free services for their wedding after watching the viral video.

And now South Africans will get to witness the big day, as Eyewitness News has pledged to live stream the wedding.

The happy couple returned to KFC on Friday, where they received a warm welcome.

This article first appeared on EWN : Wings of love: SA tracks down couple in KFC proposal video

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