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We've all heard the adage: "It's as easy as learning your ABC's".
It was and all thanks to our beloved purple dinosaur, Barney.

Apparently, the way we know our ABC's, courtesy of Barney the Dinosaur, is all wrong!

Especially, our favourite part: the L-M-N-O-P part.

Many of us grew up learning the alphabet and it was made fun because of L-M-N-O-P but that's changing.

There's a "NEW" and "IMPROVED" version of our beloved childhood anthem from DreamEnglish.com, a website that aims to "make educational music that is not only filled with important phrases and grammar but is also enjoyable to listen to."


Carl Wastie and Zoe Brown wanted to find out how you felt about changing this childhood classic.

Even twitter was left unamused at the new version of the old classic.

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