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Local musicians Danny K and Kabelo Mabalane have partnered up as speakers at Catalyst Africa - a conference offering people the opportunity to accelerate their knowledge about technology, creativity and mindset.

Their keynote touches on human interactions we have or don't have. The presentation stems from their Diversity 101 project - a conversation that compels South Africans to engage in courageous dialogue, addressing diversity, inclusion, empathy, bias and so much more.

"We could have been raised on different planets, in terms of the reality I experienced as a black boy growing up in the township and as a Jewish boy growing up in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg," says Kabelo.

"It's about getting corporate South Africa, communities, schools, universities to start having an open and honest dialogue about what's keeping us apart as people and some of the problems that we need to take a serious look at," shares Danny K.

Catalyst Africa, taking place from 30 - 31 October 2019 in Cape Town.

Listen to their interview below!

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