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Ticket reselling sites are charging up to R240,000 for a chance to watch South Africa take on England in the 2019 Rugby World Cup (RWC) final on Saturday.

Officially, the rules indicate that tickets may only be resold at the original face value on the RWC website, explains business journalist Helena Wasserman.

Wasserman, the editor of Business Insider SA, says the price of tickets on the official RWC website starts from R7,000.

According to the site, tickets purchased elsewhere can be denied entry and are technically invalid.

However, ticket reselling platforms Viagogo and StubHub are selling tickets from R25,000 up to R240,000, Wasserman reports.

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She says event organisers worldwide are warning sports fans against buying tickets on reselling platforms at highly inflated prices.

I've actually found a ticket for 240,000, a category A seat right in the middle of the stadium.

Helena Wasserman, Business Insider SA editor

The official rule is that you're only allowed to buy or swap tickets through the RWC webiste.

Helena Wasserman, Business Insider SA editor

It's basically impossible to get a ticket for the final on the RWC site.

Helena Wasserman, Business Insider SA editor

We've seen a clampdown from event organisers against these reselling websites.

Helena Wasserman, Business Insider SA editor

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This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Tickets for Rugby World Cup final selling for up to R240k online

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