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Platinum-selling artist, Jesse Clegg, is back on the music scene with a new sound in the form of "Let It Burn".
Jessse joined the The Flash Drive's Carl Wastie to chat more than just the inspiration behind the song and who he's worked with but also to ask Questions No One Ever Asks Jesse Clegg:

If you could play one song and only one, for the rest of your life, what would that song be?

Maybe I would say my own song but I would get so bored of it. Maybe i'll play **Cruel Crazy Beautiful World**, by my dad. That would be a good song for me to play. Such good life wisdom and amazing lyrics.


"Let It Burn" is a product of his time spent in Los Angeles writing and recording music with different musicians and producers.

Clegg got to work with multi-platinum producer, Tim Pagnotta (Neon Trees, Walk the Moon, Blink 182) and Chris Whitehall (The Griswolds, Carly Rae Jepsen), and one can hear the difference, especially in comparison to what we know Jesse for.

Listen to "Let It Bleed" Below

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