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As part of Dis-Chem Foundation's 'Random Act of Kindness' initiative, Kfm Mornings visited the Friends Day Centre along with Dis-Chem Foundation representative Sherry Saltzman.

The Maitland based facility is a Non-Profit Organisation that cares for children with special needs. The facility caters for learners with severe and profound physical and/or mental disabilities.

Sherry Saltzman pledged R120,000 to the Friends Day Centre on behalf of the Dis-Chem Foundation. The funds will be split into a store account to purchase nappies and the rest for physio equipment.

Kfm Mornings chats to Centre Manager Johann Opperman and Dis-Chem Foundation representative Sherry Saltzman.

We've got 105 learners at the moment, and we cater love and therapy for severe to profound mentally and/or physically disabled learners in our centre. We do this 5 days a week. It's a day-care facility - not a residential one.

- Johann Opperman - Friends Day Centre Manager

It costs us R4.7 million to be open for the year. Our biggest partners are the Department of Health and Social Development, and when parents can afford to pay school fees -- which many of them cannot. We are R2 million short per annum.

- Johann Opperman - Friends Day Centre Manager

Dischem and The Dischem Foundation took a serious look at your organisation and how well it is run. We've decided to give you R120,000 to split up in various ways according to your needs.

- Sherry Saltzman - Dischem Representative


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