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Going to the beach in summer and finding parking space is tough. Maybe you're better off buying yourself a parking spot. To do that, it is going to set you back at least a cool million.

But what do you get for 1 million rand?

Kieno Kammies chats to Jay Caboz journalist at the Business Insider, who did an investigation into some of Cape Towns most exclusive parking listings.

Caboz says the bay is situated close to the stairs leading down to Clifton 1st beach, on the roof of the San Michel apartment building.

It's in a prime location for summer goings looking desperately to find a parking spot to get down to the beach.

Jay Caboz, Journalist - Business Insider

He assures potential buyers that it has great sea views.

You do not need to own an apartment in the block in order to purchase it.

But you can't pitch a tent.

Jay Caboz, Journalist - Business Insider

Take a listen to the interview below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Clifton parking bay on sale for over R1 million...but you can't pitch a tent

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