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According to a study in Personality and Individual Differences, only psychopaths and narcissists still benefit from their relationships after they've finished.

That might be science going against what we see in pop culture.
Many celebrities are friends with their exes, right? [Jury's still on Miley and Liam though.]
Science aside, can exes be friends?

Carl Wastie and Zoe Brown wanted to find if exes can be friends and why through Mutliple Voice.
Options were:

A] Of course! We're still good friends to this day

B] Err, no. Exes are exes for a reason

C] The only EX I know is the letter X in the alphabet.

Many chose Option B, as exes are exes for a reason.

Imagine all these things about exes, but on a t-shirt

Being friends with your ex is like...

I look at my X...

So there you have it. Leaves your exes be.

Unless you're comfortable with being labelled a potential psychopath or be immortalised via t-shirt.

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