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There has been a spate of jewellery store robberies in Cape Town recently.

Kieno Kammies speaks to Unisa criminology lecturer, Dr Mahlogonolo Thobane, shares his views on the recent spate of robberies in Cape Town.

Might there be a switch from cash-in-transit heists to jewellery store robberies?

There is a decreasing trend in cash-in-transit robberies from about June 2018 which should be attributable to the interventions of the South African Police Services with over 200 arrests made.

Dr Mahlogonolo Thobane, Criminologist - Unisa

The heists received a great deal of police attention and the targets were hardened, she explains.

When one crime becomes too dangerous to commit, there seems to be a crime displacement...and this might be the case.

Dr Mahlogonolo Thobane, Criminologist - Unisa

She says these might include the recent spate of jewellery store and post office robberies.

This tendency to shift is something she encountered in her research.

The robbers I interviewed did confirm that when one type of crime is too risky to commit they move to another less risky one.

Dr Mahlogonolo Thobane, Criminologist - Unisa

She says the CCTV videos show the jewellery store robberies seem very well planned, similar to the cash-in-transit heists.

She adds that when police shift the limited resources to one type of crime, the perpetrators shift to another area of crime which is less resourced.

Listen to the interview below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Is drop in cash-in-transit heists leading to spike in jewellery store robberies?

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