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First National Bank (FNB) has launched a free rewards programme in its banking app.

The rewards programmes help the bank's clients track their own health goals.

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To discuss this new initiative by the bank, Refilwe Moloto chats to Business Insider South Africa journalist Jay Caboz.

FNB has just launched what they call Nav Wellness. It is an inbuilt application that is part of its banking app system. It is part of FNB's move from it being just a bank to becoming something more than a bank.

Jay Caboz, Journalist - Business Insider South Africa

He says at the beginning of the month, FNB announced that its mobile app would now allow clients to book flights.

Caboz says this inbuilt application is another addition to what the bank is doing.

One of the main reasons for the launch is that FNB wants its customers to live longer that is why they have provided that platform.

Jay Caboz, Journalist - Business Insider South Africa

He believes that the bank still has a long way to go in making its mobile app more functional towards users and when that happens, he believes there will be a lot of buying from customers.

Listen below to the full interview:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : FNB launches Nav Wellness to help clients track their health goals

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