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CAPE TOWN - Popular Italian-Inspired restaurant group Col’Cacchio, together with Africanpure, one of Africa’s leading Cannabidiol (CBD) brands, will be launching the first ever Cannabis pizza range in South Africa.

Col’Cacchio co-founder, Kinga Baranowska, said the brand was always looking for innovative ways to improve on their product offerings and would now be using CBD oil on pizza.

"We are definitely not the first place to have done a product with it, that's edible, but we are the first pizza place that has done it in South Africa."

However, one cannot get high on the 'dagga' pizza.

"You can't overdose on it and it has no hallucinogenic properties on it," Baranowska said.

Africanpure co-founder Mike Saunders said the most immediate effect someone might feel from eating the pizza was a sense of calm.

Listen to the audio below for more.

This article first appeared on EWN : Col’Cacchio 1st in SA to serve cannabis oil pizza, but you can't get high on it

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