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Professor Sean Davison has been placed under house arrest for three years for the murders of three bedridden or gravely ill people at their request.

Nine years ago, he made headlines after he helped euthanise his terminally ill mother in New Zealand; he was sentenced to five months of house arrest in that matter.

The two other murder charges which Davison has also pleaded guilty to, related to the deaths of Justin Varian and Richard Holland.

Eusebius McKaiser speaks to UCT critical thinking lecturer Jacques Rousseau on assisted suicide and what precautions can be followed.

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Keeping people alive that are suffering doesn't sound consistent with respecting life.

Jacques Rousseau, Critical thinking lecturer - UCT

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You need to have two oral and one written request submission and have been told that you have less than six months to live.

Jacques Rousseau, Critical thinking lecturer - UCT

People who live for years in extreme suffering I think would normally want to die. If I have written and expressed my wishes to die if certain conditions are met, you are violating my dignity by forcing me to lie there in extreme pain. That is an insult to my life.

Jacques Rousseau, Critical thinking lecturer - UCT

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This article first appeared on 702 : Should the state have the final decision on assisted suicide?

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