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Not all heroes where capes and this superhero you know very well. He doesn't have a fancy name like "Jor-el" nor does he come from a fictional planet.

He's your original #Day1. Your first ride or die.

He was there when you first opened your eyes, was a flood of tears when you said your first words, even when those words were "mama".

Your very first steps across the living room, he was the invisible force field to catch you when your wobbly legs wanted to just take a rest.

Remember rides on his bike to your first bike ride without training wheels?

Yep! He was there.

The Flash Drive's Carl Wastie and Zoe Brown asked, " What is your dad's super power?" and the kids of Kiddiepedia shared their dad's super power!

It's better than superman jumping over a building in one single leap.

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