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What a time to be alive!

From #CoupleGoals to power couples like Jay Z and Beyonce going from 0 to trending at the speed of thought to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle clearly following the trend too after breaking records with their Instagram account, reaching 1 million followers in mere hours!

Bringing it back home, they're not the only one who clearly can't resist the trend, local rapper Nasty C and his girlfriend Sam are also living #couplegoals with their joint account on Insta called The Kids In School Thought We Were Crazy, or T.K.I.S.T.W.W.C in short.

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Happy Valentines Day 🌹 more @ www.tkistwwc.com

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One can't help but think that a joint social media account smacks of "cheating" and infidelity.

The Flash Drive's Carl Wastie and Zoe Brown couldn't help but ask, do you have a shared social media account?

This is what you had to say:

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