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We have you covered with a few simple tricks to block out all the ongoing action for Season 8 of "Game of Thrones"


Avoid twitter at all cost as this platform is lit with all kinds of spoilers. This platform is filled with live tweeting and personal opinions. You might need to have your dragon glass ready as twitter is the king of white walker spoilers.

To block out the FOMO temptation, you will need to simply go to your settings & privacy and head to the Muted words options by muting all words that have reference to the show. Simply muting #GameofThrones and #GOT won't be enough to stop the spoilers from flowing in. You will have to mute every character, every jargon that has to do with the show to be absolutely clean of any invaders from the seven kingdoms.

Check out some of the words you will need to stay clear of...


The second biggest spoiler to stay away from is YOUTUBE. There is no way to block any of the content or mute it as it goes live, but on the upside, content distributors tend to be more considerate and will take roughly a day after before spoiling the whole show. The trick is to watch the episode on the same day and you should be fine.


You don't have to stress too much about Facebook as the platform takes time to generate true spoiler content. Just keep an eye out for spoiler alerts in descriptions and be sure not to click on them to avoid utter disappointment.


Instagram is also a safe zone as most influencers don't deviate from their brands and only revolve around their product needs. You will need to stay clear of Instagram stories and Instagram lives as this would be the ideal place for everyone to celebrate the arrival on the long-anticipated season finale.


Word of mouth is the most detrimental of all the spaces. You know who your friends are that love to spoil your day, so stay away from them, wear your headphones and the moment you even here the words that are even remotely related to the show, stand up and say " I am John Snow and I still know nothing" then leave the premises.

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