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Marijuana-enhanced sex can apparently make the experience more pleasurable for some couples.

Some lovers claim that dagga can help with anxiety, improve orgasms and even stamina in bed, says clinical sexologist Dr Eve.

However, findings by sex researcher Justin Lehmiller suggest that, for men, getting high could be more of a sexual inhibitor than a sexual enhancer.

When marijuana is used, erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems may result, according to the research.

Men find that they have less functioning and withdrawal with marijuana.

Dr Eve, clinical sexologist

One of the positive things about marijuana that it is dis-inhibiting and helps with performance anxiety.

Dr Eve, clinical sexologist

Dr Eve explains that the experience can differ across genders and depending on how the substance is ingested.

Many listeners called in to share their personal stories on using weed between the sheets and this is what they had to say:

We've been using weed for a while now and we used it while we were intimate together for the first time this week, it was a great experience for us.

Sarah, caller

I've had sex while high and it was the best, especially of you are both high... I get super horny when I'm high.

James - via SMS

My wife and I have been high a number of times together and I find that I'm too introspective and not useful. But when I'm drinking, I'm on overdrive.

Sfiso, caller

We are a mid-50s couple and sex while high is the best thing that has happened to us, ever.

Lee, caller

Marijuana for me is a complete brick wall.

Gareth, caller

I recently started smoking weed with my partner. It's the greatest sex ever.

Thandi, caller

Visit Dr Eve's blog for more information.

Listen to the discussion during the Talking Sex feature:

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