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Ithuba's head of corporate relations, Busisiwe Koloi speaks to CapeTalk's Kieno Kammies about the safety measures, checks and balances in place to ensure there is no foul play when checking winning Lotto numbers on its app.

There are also concerns that people playing the lottery from the app do not win.

Koloi says whether the lottery is played on the app, on the website or simply buying a ticket, it is all recorded on one central system.

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We do have winners coming from the app.

Busisiwe Koloi, Ithuba's head of corporate relations

She explains that for winners who win below R50 000, the money is paid directly to them but amounts above that require winners to contact the National Lottery regional offices for additional services like financial advisory and trauma counselling.

This is because it is a traumatic experience. One day you have zero balance in your account and the next day you have R230 million.

Busisiwe Koloi, Ithuba's head of corporate relations

We work with accredited psychologists who assess each player's mental wellness and how prepared they are to deal with large sums of money won overnight.

Busisiwe Koloi, Ithuba's head of corporate relations

To hear the rest of the conversation, listen below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Yes you can win Lotto even when playing from the app, Ithuba confirms

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