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Time in the Saddle is a podcast series hosted by avid cyclist and radio veteran, Ryan O’Connor focusing on all things exciting in the world of cycling. In the tenth episode of season two, Ryan and Jason Lind welcomes Dr Darren Green back for a recap after the Cape Town Cycle Tour.

Following a successful weekend at the Cape Town Cycle Tour, Ryan and Jason talk to Dr Darren Green about the highlights and challenges along the race.

First of all, Chappies was extremely silent, nobody was talking... but, going up Suikerbossie, I saw this guy fall over into the bushes with his leg in like a firm, locked, stretched, cramp and, like you know, you see those tears just shoot out of their eyes.

Jason Lind – Olympic Cycles

... as a cyclist, I try and take in what other people are on... Whether it's bicycles, I'm always fascinated on whose riding what because it's the only thing you can really see when your head's down and you're battling the wind.

Ryan O'Connor – Kfm 94.5 radio presenter

Talking recovery after the race, Ryan asks Dr Green for tips to ease the pain after spending hours on the saddle at the weekend.

First things first, you need to get blood flow into the muscles and you need to get rid of lactic acid... and that means not being sedentary and not sitting with the pain and the stiffness. So, that would mean walking, getting onto a treadmill...

Dr Darren Green – Mediclinic Southern Africa

That process of moving lactic acid out of the muscles can only happen, obviously if you progressively increase the load. So, don't go from nought to a hundred at a 4km an hour pace.

Dr Darren Green – Mediclinic Southern Africa

... and then, warmth.

Dr Darren Green – Mediclinic Southern Africa

If you're still struggling with pain and discomfort after the race, take a listen for more of Dr Darren Green's top tips for recovery.

Listen to Ryan O’Connor in conversation with his good friend and cyclist, Jason Lind as they discuss all things cycling in the tenth episode of the second season of Time in the Saddle.

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