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CAPE TOWN - The Country Animal Clinic in Somerset West says that it has made the decision to put a young Cape Grysbok rescued from the blaze in the Betty's Bay fires to sleep.

The grysbok, know as Bambi, suffered severe burn wounds in the fire.

The clinic made an announcement on their social media earlier this week.

Bambi had been doing very well up until the end of last week.

However, at the weekend his health declined and despite changing his treatment and aggressively treating him for pain, he did not bounce back.

The clinic's Dr Adri Rossouw: "Unfortunately, we had to put Bambi down a couple of days ago as the burn wounds to his legs were too extensive. Despite our best efforts they did not want to heal. It started getting worse and it was starting to be really sore on his legs. We had t, unfortunately,y say goodbye to him."

This article first appeared on EWN : Bambi, the wounded grysbok rescued from Betty's Bay fires, put down

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