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Young children across the world who watch popular UK children's programme "Peppa Pig" are apparently adopting British accents.

The animated series is a globally popular show with a fan base of mainly children aged between 4 and 6.

A number of South African parents say that their children often mimic the characters in the show, even during general social interactions.

The Pan South African Language Board (PanSALB) says parents must be aware of the role they play in defining language and accent in a child's life.

The board, which promotes multilingualism and indigenous South African languages, says parents should not teach their kids that only certain accents are a measure of intelligence.

PanSALB's CEO Dr Rakwena Monareng says parents must fight against their inherent language biases and the harmful use of accent as social capital.

It's the question of us wanting to use the little soul [child] to push an agenda.

Dr Rakwena Monareng, CEO - Pan South African Language Board

South African parents and grandparents also called in to share their views and personal experiences.

I'm a grandmother and I've noticed a tendency among children and adults to speak with an American accent caused by exposure to American TV. It would be far better for kids to speak the Queen's English than "Americanese".

Anita, caller

One father says his son developed his accent and understanding of English because of Peppa Pig and his preschool education.

For the past three years ago, he religiously watched Peppa Pig. Watching the show did improve my child's English. It doesn't bother me at all. You speak according to what you are exposed to.

Michael, caller

My granddaughter is nearly five and was absolutely crazy about Peppa Pig for about two years, she had a bit of an accent, which was charming.

Anne, caller

As long as it does not have a negative impact on the development of the child, we shouldn't be too concerned about it.

Sibusiso, caller

Listen to the interesting discussion on The Eusebius McKaiser Show:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Watching 'Peppa Pig' improved my son's English, SA dad says

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