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How do you deal with heartache after a break-up?

Do you wallow in despair or feel like your whole world has "fallen apart"?

Clinical sexologist Dr Eve says society needs to change the language used when describing break-ups because it can exacerbate the emotional pain.

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When a relationship ends, the feel-good hormones like oxytocin and dopamine are replaced with stress hormones such as cortisol and epinephrine, Dr Eve explains.

So the longer you stay in the proverbial 'Heartbreak Hotel', the more stress hormones will accumulate and the more physical symptoms appear in your body.

Dr Eve says it is possible to move past the feelings of perpetual pain without minimising your experience.

We can't move on because the brain gets stuck re-releasing bad hormones and neurochemicals that keep us in phuysical and mental pain.

Dr Eve, clinical sexologist

Science shows that the emotional pain of a break-up and physical pain activate the same part of the brain.

Dr Eve, clinical sexologist

It's cruel to keep yourself hanging in that place because the accumulation of stress hormones is bad for the body.

Dr Eve, clinical sexologist

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She advises that it's important to find ways to still your mind, to stop releasing stress hormones that keep you in emotional and physical pain and find activities that can release the trauma in your body.

Be positive, go to yoga, reach out socially.

Dr Eve, clinical sexologist

It is so difficult to leave. Your brain doesn't want you to. That's why people keep going back when they've broken up.

Dr Eve, clinical sexologist

Visit Dr Eve's website to learn more.

Listen to the discussion, with Nickolaus Bauer standing in for Eusebius McKaiser:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Dealing with heartache? Tips on how to heal after a break-up

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