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Legendary radio DJ and music producer DJ Fresh says the versatility and nuances of house music are a part of what has kept the genre alive over the years.

He joined presenter Eusebius McKaiser in an entertaining radio crossover on the history and evolution of house music.

House music started taking shape towards the end of the disco era in the 70s, when US DJ Frankie Knuckles became a resident at the underground Warehouse club in Chicago in 1977.

DJ Fresh says that the lyrical content of house united various marginal groups and parts of society on the dancefloor.

Chicago became this hotbed of young kids making music because they realised that they have an audience in clubs.

DJ Fresh

The Warehouse was an underground gay club, but it was such a party that everyone came... That's why a lot of people in the US say that house music is gay music.

DJ Fresh

One of the reasons people say that house music unites people is because of what it did in Chicago.

DJ Fresh

Then one of the original innovators in Chicago house, Marshall Jefferson, started adding piano onto the records and created the subgenre of deep house.

The sound soon crossed over the Atlantic and took off in England before it blew up onto the global scene, Fresh explains.

House music began taking off in South Africa in the 80s and became mainstream when it was played on the airwaves of the urban youth station Yfm in the 90s.

Before Yfm, house music never played on mainstream radio.

DJ Fresh

From house music, Kwaito music was later born. The Gqom and Amapiano subgenres today also originated from the house sound.

Different parts of the country are finding their own groove. House is so nuanced, but you learn to appreciate it.

DJ Fresh

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DJ Fresh took a trip down memory lane, reflecting on his role in the music industry and the release of his compilation CDs Fresh House Flava.

He also played influential beats from Sydney Youngblood, the Syndicate Sisters, Jomanda to producer Brenda Fassie, Robin S and the likes of Kwiish SA.

Listen DJ Fresh taking a journey through time and music:

This article first appeared on 702 : [LISTEN] DJ Fresh takes us on a groovy ride through the evolution of house music

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