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Grapevine crops are expected to yield better results than last year following the bountiful winter rains in the Western Cape.

VinPro's executive director Rico Basson says the three-year-long drought that hit the Cape was a disaster for the winelands.

He says some regions have not yet recovered fully even though the winter rain was good.

The drought was really a disaster. A year forward, we are blessed, the dams are full but the vines in some regions have not fully recovered.

Rico Basson, VinPro's executive director

We expect a slightly bigger harvest this year but not yet back to normal.

Rico Basson, VinPro's executive director

The wine industry in South Africa employs about 300 000 people and a makes a massive contribution to the economy of the Western Cape, says Basson.

To hear the rest of the conversation with Rico Basson, listen below:

This article first appeared on 702 : Cape Wineland's vines on the road to recovery after good winter rains

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