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The cape Crusader is back!

The long anticipated single by YoungstaCpt, is officially out!

YVR is the first single off the forthcoming album 3T [Things Take Time].
The single is a reflection of the rapper's political stance which is quite prevalent in his music.

Not one to just toe the line and follow the status quo, Youngsta has taken on the persona of a colonizer, colonizing the game, the same way Jan van Riebeeck did in 1652 when he arrived in the Cape.

Youngsta recently spoke to The Flash Drive's Carl Wastie about the message in Young Van Riebeeck:

"I'm looking at my generation now and Im wondering to myself, where's our Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko, Ashley Kriel in all this? Where's Winnie in all this? Are we all just take selfies?"

- Youngsta

YVR is more than just about the serious issues which makes for uncomfortable conversation at the watercooler or dinner table.

Humour is the vehicle Youngsta uses to tackle today's current and relevant issues so the message settles a little more comfortably.

He still spits knowledge on our how history has left us in an unfortunate position though.

Looking at the kids, it's for them to lead their own revolution. If no one is going to teach them this history and tell them what they're capable of, then who is? It has to be me then.

- Youngsta

YVR is available for purchase on all major digital stores.

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