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Is Multichoice bowing to pressure from Netflix?

The pay-TV service is coming up with a plan to give customers the option to discard their satellite dishes and access its content solely via the internet.

Multichoice has been grappling with competition from online subscription platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime for the past few months.

Xolani Gwala spoke to founder and editor at Techcentral Duncan McLeod about this development.

By MultiChoice's own estimate they think there are about 400 000 Netflix subscribers in South Africa and I think many of those are also DStv subscribers.

Duncan McLeod, Founder and Editor at Techcentral

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Well, they are not going to ditch the dishes. I think the vast majority of customers will continue to receive their broadcast bouquet via satellite.

Duncan McLeod, Founder and Editor at Techcentral

I think it's important to innovate and the world is moving online and to streaming and I think its important to respond to the threat posed by companies such as Netflix.

Duncan McLeod, Founder and Editor at Techcentral

Listen to the full interview below...

This article first appeared on 702 : MultiChoice considers streaming service offering to challenge Netflix

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