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The Department of Health has developed a three-year National Cancer Campaign to create awareness and educate the public about various types of cancers.

The campaign will also educate the public about risk factors, prevention methods, treatment services available and support during survivorship.

Xolani Gwala is in Pietermaritzburg where the department of health is launching the mass cancer screening campaign.

The day started with screening processes.

Xolani Gwala, Show host

About ten days ago they did the screening here in Pietermaritzburg. They screened about 1500 people, and 30 people had cancer already.

Xolani Gwala, Show host

These screenings are very helpful; they pick up the disease very early.

Xolani Gwala, Show host

Listen to how many people showed up today at the screening...

This article first appeared on 702 : Mass cancer screening launched in Pietermaritzburg

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