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CAPE TOWN - Wits University has confirmed that dinosaur bones have been discovered in the Eastern Cape.

The exact species is unknown, but scientists say bones of a Sauropod, a type of dinosaur, have been found in the small town of Sterkspruit.

Professor Jonah Choiniere says they've been searching in the area, which is a fossil-rich site, for about six years looking for dinosaur species.

He says a team of scientists from five top universities including Johannesburg and Oxford were at the site this week.

“Just spent the last 10 days picking up a portion of these fossils and what we found is actually amazing. One of them is a dinosaur lying on its side, as it would’ve been when it died, and it’s quite a large animal, maybe six or seven metres long and weighing up to a ton.”

Choiniere says some of the bones have been transported to Wits University.

“We’ve brought a few bones back, we’ll prepare them in the lab and see if we can figure out species of what types of dinosaur they are. We’ve had to leave them in the field and we’ll come back to get them; once they’re in the lab, we’ll and we can carefully remove the wraps from the bones then we can begin the research.”

He adds that the first set of results will probably only be released in two years’ time.

Pictures: Supplied.

This article first appeared on EWN : Scientists discover dinosaur bones in Sterkspruit

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