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Health Minister Aaron Mostoaledi says factories across the country can now produce cold meat products as the listeria outbreak is officially over.

The minister says all processed ready-to-eat meat products are safe for consumption.

He says all 157 cold meat processing factories in South Africa have been inspected and cleared, except the Enterprise factory in Polokwane.

I met the leadership of Enterprise and they told me that they are still busy, because they had to dismantle everything and start all over again. They will be finished somewhere around the middle of October and then we will go and test and make a new announcement.

Aaron Motsoaledi, Health Minister

Anything that is on the shelf means it has been produced in a clean factory, there is no problem.

Aaron Motsoaledi, Health Minister

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This article first appeared on 702 : [LISTEN] Listeria outbreak is officially over - Motsoaledi

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