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Oh no, Melania!

Well, the US first lady shook hands with Russia's President Vladimir Putin and her reaction had twitter going wild.

At first, she was happy then turned and looked like she was sad, angry, even unimpressed.

And it seems this is not the first time she's done it.

Elsewhere on What's Gone Viral, a man has been arrested in front of his wife and children at a restaurant for groping a waitress.

The waitress slapped the man after he touched her butt and told him where to get off.

Her boss said her job is safe and they are moving forward with a lawsuit.

Also, a beautiful moment was recorded of a guide dog cuddled up to its owner after it recognised she was having a panic attack.

Professional dog trainer Amber Oliver taught five-year-old Oakley how to detect changes in her body temperature, breathing and heart rate, which are all indications of a panic attack.

Listen to what else has gone viral...

This article first appeared on 702 : [WATCH] Melania Trump's reaction after shaking Putin's hand

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