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This morning on Kfm Mornings with Darren, Sherlin and Sibs we had our first ever, best pickled fish dish competition.

Three contestants brought their best pickled fish dishes to the studio and Darren, Sherlin and Sibs joined by Fatima Sydow tasted and judged each one.

The winning dish which all the judges went crazy for was by Louisa Bizaare. It was so good we had to share her winning recipe. Check it out below.


1kg snoek or yellowtail

Salt to taste

Fish Masala, enough to season the fish

5 large onions

15ml mustard seeds

1 cup vinegar

3/4 cup water

1/2 cup brown sugar

2 tsp tumeric

3 Tbsp Packo Roasted Masala

4 bay leaves

4 all spice

8 peppercorns


Sprinkle salt and fish masala over fish, according to your taste.

Pan fry fish until cooked. Fish will be flaky.

Simmer the rest of the ingredients for 10 minutes.

Add salt if needed.

Layer fish in a glass serving dish and cover fish with onion sauce.

Let it cool then refrigerate.


If you want the onion sauce to be thicker, add a teaspoon of corn flour to the mixture whilst its simmering.

Pickled Fish should pickle for at least 3 days before enjoying it the old fashioned way. Serve with Hot Cross Buns.

Congratulations again to Louisa on her winning dish. Let us know if you try it at home.

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