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Acting CEO of the Passenger Railway Agency of South Africa, Cromet Molepo, says a team from Johannesburg arrived on Monday to assist the local team to get the system back to operation on the central line.

The central line has been suspended for the last five weeks due to vandalism on infrastructure and attacks on Metrorail workers.

Molepo says they have enhanced the security to protect the area from being vandalised 24/7 as well as drones which will fly above the area at night.

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We are here to serve people and to account.

Cromet Molepo, Prasa acting CEO

It doesn't make sense to spend millions on security companies to secure the infrastructure and it gets vandalised in their presence.

Cromet Molepo, Prasa acting CEO

Molepo says the City of Cape Town, Prasa and the Western Cape government agreed to establish a dedicated
enforcement unit to focus on the security of the line.

A memorandum of understanding will be signed in the next 7 days between the City and Prasa.

He says a wall will be built to secure the areas where the substations are situated and communities nearby will participate in the building of the wall to secure the area.

The cleaning and other maintenance will be devolved to communities along the railway corridor to allow them socio-economic benefits, he says.

Just putting armoured vehicles and security guards will cost us much less than what we've been paying for the warm bodies called security.

Cromet Molepo, Prasa acting CEO

We are now not suggesting, we are implementing....

Cromet Molepo, Prasa acting CEO

Molepo says the plan is to get the central line operational before the end of next week.

He says the technical team from Johannesburg and Cape Town combined have six days to finish the job and get the line running again.

To hear more of this interview with acting Prasa CEO, listen below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Prasa commits to having central line operating by next week

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