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Educational psychotherapist, Cara Blackie says while parents should be equipped to help their children access psychological help during the release of matric results, South Africa's schooling system can do more.

Two Mpumalanga pupils committed suicide following the release of the matric results last week.

Blackie says more psychologists or social workers are needed starting at a primary school level.

I think there is a lot of concern with our primary school children, I think it often gets worse by the time of high school, you just start to see a lot more difficulties come up.

Carla Blackie, Educational psychotherapist

The more support given to the teachers, the more beneficial they will be to the students. So I think that more support needs to be given to a whole system rather than just the kids...

Carla Blackie, Educational psychotherapist

Click on the link below to hear how support can be accessed...

This article first appeared on 702 : Psychological support is crucial starting at a primary school level - expert

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