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A business owner in Long Street, Cape Town says he is concerned that aggressive begging in the streets is killing business in the city centre.

He says tourists are avoiding the city centre because of the amount of aggression imposed on them by the street beggars, which in turn threatens business. He asks if the City is doing something to control the harassment of tourists by street beggars.

CapeTalk's John Maytham speaks to Mayco member for safety and security in the City of Cape Town, JP Smith.

We need to be clear, the by-law does not prohibit begging. The City of Cape Town street and public places by-law will be up for review and the public will be able to make comments.

JP Smith, Mayco Member for Safety and Security

The only provision that is prohibited is aggressive begging which is defined as following the person and continue to demand something once the person has indicated that they are unwilling to donate.

JP Smith, Mayco Member for Safety and Security

Smith says if anyone feels threatened, they should contact the City's call centre and report the matter. He says a social worker and a law enforcement officer will be dispatched to deal with the situation.

Members of the public can call 021 480 7700.

To hear more on how the City of Cape Town is handling the issue of street beggars. listen below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : JP Smith: Cape Town City by-law only prohibits 'aggressive begging'

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