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Safely buy and trade Bitcoin and Ethereum with this Cape Town-based company’s user-friendly app.

Beauty Plus and Meitu

Now all your selfies will be picture perfect with their amazing range of filters, stickers and editing tools.


Think you have a snoring issue but you’re not 100% sure? This app records and tracks your sleep to give you a full breakdown of your snoozing.


This is such a cute app to keep track of your plants. You will never forget to water or mist your green friends again!


Boasting some of the top download numbers in the SA app stores, this one is already a household favourite. The app is very simple - it warns you when spammers are trying to make contact.

Google Photos

This app is incredible for many reasons - it automatically backs up your pics and vids in the cloud so that you can access them anytime, anywhere; it has INSANE search functions - you can literally search for “dog” and it will bring up all of your photos that fit the description of “dog”; you can group people and pets by their names, making cataloguing super easy; you can tell the app the clean out all the photos from your phone’s memory if it’s already backed up safely in the cloud!

Hyperlapse, Boomerang and Layout

All these apps from parent company, Instagram are super useful for capturing your moments in just the right way.

Google Maps - Updated feature

A new, very useful feature of Google Maps is the ability of downloading an area for offline use. Very nifty when you’re low on data in an unknown part of the world.


If you enjoy streaming content via your laptop to your TV screen, then this app is perfect for you. It syncs up with your computer so that you can remotely browse and type from the convenience of your phone!

The 947 App

Of course, our own app is also right up there with our other favourites. You can stream 947 live from anywhere in the world, read our latest articles, listen to our podcasts, receive relevant push notifications and of course, keep in touch with the best radio station in town!

This article first appeared on 947 : Apps in 2017 that made us truly appy!

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