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President of Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Janine Myburgh says the loss due to vandalism and destruction of property faced by Metrorail equates to millions of Rands.

On Monday, Metrorail had to suspend all operations on the Central line due to the ongoing cable theft, vandalism and destruction of critical infrastructure in the Bonteheuwel, Netreg and Nyanga areas.
Many commuters have been left stranded which leads to many being late for work, if they're even able to
make it at all.

This is taxing on the business and it is also affecting the well being of the workers who have to deal with these traumatic issues.

Janine Myburgh, President of Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Myburgh says they have done a general survey on the matter to evaluate its impact on the economy and over 90% of the respondents indicated that the delays have affected the mental well being of their staff.

There are many costs that we cant even measure in Rands and cents that will have long term effect.

Janine Myburgh, President of Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Cape Chamber of Commerce is currently in talks with the police and Metrorail to try and help remedy the situation and to find out from Metrorail where lies the problem.

To hear more from the Cape Chamber of Commerce on the Metrorail situation, listen below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Metrorail disruptions are taxing on business - Cape Chamber of Commerce

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