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The sun is out and the weather’s perfect. Grab the kids, pack up the car and its time to hit the sandy shores for a bit of summer fun!

But a day at the beach, is not always a day at the beach and that means keeping the kids entertained.

We’ve put together 7 essential tips to keep your family entertained and make your trip to the beach more memorable.

1. Hopscotch in the sand

Get everyone hopping at the beach. Use seashells to mark the game’s grid in the sand, collect small rocks and let the kids enjoy themselves with this classic game favourite.

2. Sandcastles on the beach

The secret to building a show-stopping sandcastle is team work. So, gather the whole family, bring spades, shovels and buckets of imagination for a fun-filled afternoon of messing about in the sand.

3. Volleyball for the little ones

It’s always a big hit - make your beach holiday extra special with a good game of beach volleyball. Don’t have a volleyball court? No problem. Put together your own using a beach towel and ball and, watch the kids go back and forth.

4. We all scream for ice-cream

We’ve yet to meet a kid who doesn’t love ice cream – so, entering your brave dairy lover into ice-cream eating competition would be pretty chill, don’t you think? Let them live but just beware of brain freeze.

5. A family picnic on the beach

When the sun’s out and the kiddies’ tummies are grumbling, load up a picnic basket filled to the brim with tasty finger food, hop in the car and soak up some good memories with the whole family. But, remember to pack the umbrella!

6. Find the hidden treasure

Your child’s beach trip wouldn’t be complete without a fun adventure. Toss a container filled with various objects into your beach bag, hide the objects in the sand and, challenge the kids to find and fill their buckets with the items on your list of hidden treasures.

7. Hula hoop, hula hoop

Get the beach party started with hours of endless hula hoops fun. Place a hula hoop in front of each child, start a countdown and see who can spin the hula hoop around their waists the longest. It never fails.

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